My MUGEN website is finaly ON LINE!

Welcome my own webspace!

This website contents my newests Mugen works, hot information about my current wips, etc...Check it out! Especially the stages section, some of my stages are interresting! I really would like to know what you have to say about my creations so I'd be grateful if you sign in my forum and tell me what you think about the website content.

I'm not a kind of selfish sick creator so I let everyone use MY coding and sprites. Of course I can't say all of them are free beacause somethings aren't my but you can ask me to ask the creator.

Pay attention when you use something because there's my friend's hosted stuff too,so before use the things that you need take a look on the author's name. Also put in your char or stage's read-me the stage or char that you got the stuff to avoid trouble.


Last updates:

William F. Guile Released!

Check it out in the Characters Section's Page 1

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