About Me

Hi dudes!

I'm Ian Castro de Souza, a young mugen creator that loves good effects and good coding.

I like make stages and chars as a hobby. Of course I'm not pay to make chars but I love to do it and I'm not a kind of selfish sick creator so I let everyone use MY coding and sprites.

I just want you to pay attention when you use something because there's my friend's code and effects in some creations too, so before you use the stuff that you need, take a look on the author's name. Also put in your char or stage's read-me the char or stage that you got the stuff to avoid any kind of trouble.

By the way, thanks to my friend and mugen tutor Ixnay that gave me host in Pćo de Mugen, thanks dude!

Contact me in case you need to ask something:



Sinceraly Kurai Naito.